Oh, I'm Sorry Ma'am

After that, I entered my son's room quietly and sat by his bed, "Wake up, my little boy, wake up." I asked him, "Are these the flowers you chose for me?"

I love you too - flowers to brighten your day

This morning I bumped into a stranger while she was walking next to me on the street. My reaction was, "Oh, I'm sorry, Ma’am".

She said, "Please, excuse me, Madam. I didn't see you."

The stranger and I were very polite. We said goodbye and went our own way.

Later that day I was cooking dinner when my son stood next to me without saying a word.

When I turned around to take something out from the refrigerator I almost pushed him. "Move out of the way", I said in anger.

He walked away as his little heart was broken. I didn't realize I was talking very severely.

In the evening I couldn't sleep. As I was lying awake in bed, a peaceful voice came to me and said:

"Today you used basic courtesy with a complete stranger. But with your beloved family, you were disrespectful.

"If you go and look at the kitchen floor, you'll find some flowers near the door.

"These are some flowers that your son gave you.

"He picked them by himself, especially for you: yellow, purple, and blue. He stood quietly because he didn't want to ruin the surprise. He was waiting until you finished in order to give them to you as a gift.

"You didn't even see the tears that filled his little eyes."

Suddenly I felt very small and tears dripped on my cheeks.

I got up and went to the kitchen. I saw the flowers on the floor in the corner and picked them up.

After that, I entered my son's room quietly and sat by his bed, "Wake up, my little boy, wake up." I asked him, "Are these the flowers you chose for me?"

He wiped his eyes and smiled, "I found them near the tree. I took them because they're beautiful just like you. I knew you’d love them, especially the purple ones."

I cried and said, "My son, I'm very sorry about the way I behaved earlier today; I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that."

He said, "Mom, that's fine. I love you no matter what."

I said, "My son, I love you too and I love the flowers, especially the purple ones."

I hugged him as if I have never hugged him before and he fell asleep in my arms with a smile on his face.

The story isn't about the flowers at all. They are the bonus in the story. They just add some color.

How many times have you seen a mother or a father allowing themselves to yell at their child in a way they will NEVER allow themselves to yell at a stranger?

What about insulting?

Talking impatiently?


Blaming without even listening to what their angel has to tell them?


Getting angry?

"You must not hurt your own children; even if they are yours."

Because first of all, they are independent human beings, and most of all, they belong to themselves.

Just as you would not hurt a stranger – you must not hurt them.

The fact that physically they are closer, more available, weaker, they are at a disadvantage compared with you (as the provider of most of their needs) and most of all, forgive you for anything you do against them – doesn't give you permission to hurt them.

On the contrary!

Do you know what the abbreviation of the word 'family' is?

FAMILY = (F)ather (A)nd (M)other (I)i (L)ove (Y)ou

Now, instead of staring at the screen go to each one of your angels and tell them: "I love you too".

And at the same time, you can add a bonus kiss.

This is so beautiful and so true, thanks to the person who shared it with me - it was too good not to share.

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