Modern Grandmothers are rocking social media and breaking stereotypes

These women bring their personal flare to social media sites like Instagram, where they’ve become viral social media icons.

The bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren is timeless, yet the grandmothers of today are so different than the grandmothers of bygone eras. Grandmothers today are wise, wired, connected, and in the know. They’re not just keeping up with their grandchildren, but they’re modern, entrepreneurial, fit, and so together.

One place where these modern grandmothers show their modern take on grand-parenting is social media. Although caricatures paint grandparents as out of touch with modern technology, especially social media, sassy grandmothers around the world are rocking social media.

Studies are showing that women between the ages of 53 and 72 have unexpected views on subjects like fashion and technology. Researchers discovered that a staggering 73% of these women hate the way others patronize their generation when it comes to subjects like technology.

These glamorous and sassy grandmothers have plenty of inspiration, from powerful women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg to other women like them on social media. No matter who inspires them, these women are an inspiration to all.

The Glamorous Grandmothers of Instagram

A group of women over the age of 60 were dubbed by the New York Times as “the Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram.” These women bring their personal flare to social media sites like Instagram, where they’ve become viral social media icons.

One of these grandmas, Lyn Slater (@iconaccidental on Instagram) shares her fashion sense. Slater is a grandmother living in New York who shares pictures of herself wearing vintage clothing from luxury brands. Her posts get clicks by thousands of women of all ages, including young women who see her as a style icon.

Lyn Slater is truly a fashion icon. Photo: Instagram

Lyn Slater fashion style really inspires me. Women over 50+ follow her and check out fashion sense. It rocks. Photo: Instagram.

Although her Instagram username is “iconaccidental,” her bio now reads “BTW no longer accidental.” She’s not just an icon captured by a younger generation, but an icon of her own creation.

In a recent post, she shares a picture of herself wearing a sharp vintage Dior purse and scarf with a navy-blue blazer and jeans. She is an example of mature womanhood, showing people around the world that being a grandma doesn’t mean the end of her fashionable days.

Breaking Stereotypes on social media

Two other women are breaking stereotypes with their social media presence. Jenny Kee (@jennykeeoz on Instagram) is a pioneer in Australian style and a designer with a passion for environmental care. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her fashion, nature, and family.

Follow Jenny and her granddaughter. Photo: Instagram.

Followers of Jenny Kee adore her sense of style. Photo: Instagram.

Jenny’s work has been featured in magazines like Italian Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. Her designs have been used by big brands like Chanel and worn by style icons like Princess Diana. She continues to inspire others with her art, fashion, and sassy attitude.

Another grandma breaking stereotypes is former Playboy bunny, Dorrie Jacobsen. Instead of paying attention to what others think a grandmother should wear, she poses in form-fitting dresses, high fashion, and even lingerie. On her Instagram (@seniorstylebible), she shares her fashion sense and encourages readers to break free from expectations and wear what they want, regardless of age.

Dorrie Jacobsen, a former Playboy bunny, is the epitome of elegance. Photo: Instagram.

Dorrie Jacobsen, is the epitome of elegance. Photo: Instagram.

Grandmothers are becoming Social Media Influencers

Grandmothers of today aren’t just enjoying social media, but leveraging it to create extra income. Just like the younger generations, these grandmas have learned how to use their online presence to become influencers.

One of these grandmas is Helen Ruth Elam Van Wrinkle (@baddiewinkle on Instagram). She has nearly 3.5 million followers and promotes brands like Sephora, Smirnoff, and Got2B hair products. She dons latex outfits and bold colors, breaking any preconceptions that older women have to look a certain way.

Ain’t nothing going to stop this grandmother. Follow on Instagram

Follow Helen on Instagram, she is amazing. Photo: Instagram

These women aren’t just sitting around knitting in their old age. They are vital, vibrant, and taking social media by storm!

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